Greg A. Bentzinger
P.O. Box 7571
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
(719) 337-8406

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Employment History

Gateway Computer Corporation
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1999 - 2002

Position; Technical Support Professional I
Work description; Warranty fulfillment tech support. Directly interact with customers to identify the cause of their technical issues and provide prompt and proper resolution. Determine if issue is caused by customer, hardware fault or software problem and resolve the issue in a prompt and cost effective manner. Also served as team mentor, assisting new team members get up to speed and improve skills as needed.

Special Services Mfg. & Engineering
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1990 - Present

Position; Owner/Operator
Work description; Job planning and materials purchasing, Design, assembly and testing of "turn key" CAD/CAM "Highend" Work stations. Onsite installation under strict scheduling deadlines. Installation of custom networks, custom cables for interfacing with proprietary hardware such as machine controls, digital phone systems, video transmission over telco leased lines. Military type cables ( Amphenol round series & multi row high density ) System Diagnostics, Hardware upgrades, Hardware & Software migration. Custom length 10/100TX and Coax Ethernet cables. Discount on Terminators... Special Applications research. CAD/CAM Drafting & Documentation.

K-ABC Television I.B.C.
Hollywood, California
June through September 1984

Position; Technical Support Specialist and night crew supervisor at ABC television's International Broadcast Center.
Work description; Installation, testing and maintenance of the Facilities Ethernet network and Horizon PBX telcom systems. Daily tests of any units which had not been used in the preceeding 24 hours to guarantee all systems were functionally ready. On the spot installation, modification or bypass to provide IMMEDIATE solutions to live broadcast disruptions. Trace termination faults in ethernet network. Post Olympic operations included teardown and replacement of real time encoder circuit boards in Sony BVU800 series Broadcast quality Tape systems. Removal of high voltage feeds for un-interuptable power supplies. Certification of contents for broadcast equipment to be exported back to its country of origin.

Glendale Community College

Glendale, California

Functional summary

I have a solid background with the following Operating Systems:

I am eager to take any additional training available that will expand or refine my capabilities or job performance.

Extensive electrical background and knowledge of computer hardware/software. Worked for Nighthawk Industries, a contractor/assembly line for Apple Computer building Computers. Also worked for ABC television during 1984 Olympic Games installing & testing the facility ethernet and telecommunications networks. Extensive experience with all types of SCSI & USB devices.