Gregory A. Bentzinger
P.O. Box 7571
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
(719) 337-8406 (cell)

E-mail: (Best way to contact me!)

I am seeking employment with a company which will challenge my abilities. I hope to quickly prove a valuable member of the team.

Functional summary

I have a background with the following NC/CNC Controls and Operating Systems:

  • Allen Bradley (some)
  • Bandit ( for BridgePort & Wells Index )
  • DynaPath Delta 10 (some)
  • Fanuc 10TEF & 18M
  • Haas ( 5C indexers, 4th axis)
  • Hurco (Ultimax II & NC Executive)
  • Okuma OSP5000M & OSP5020M
  • Mori Seiki MSC-518 ( Fanuc 18 )
  • MS-DOS v5.0 & v6.22
  • Windows 3.0, 3.1 & 3.11
  • Windows 95A & 95B
  • Windows 98 & 98SE
  • Windows ME (Millenium Edition)
  • Windows 2000 Professional Edition
  • Windows Xp Home & Pro Editions
  • Linux, RedHat & Mandrake Distributions;

I can readily adapt to any CNC control that is based on the RS274-D standard (G & M code) and I am familiar with several "Conversational" Controls.

I have experience with a number of CAD/CAM systems, and own my own registered version of BobCad/CAM Gold (for DOS) and BobCad WinSkin 3D surface CAD for Windows, also I have done some work with SurfCAM & AutoCAD. I use most of the MS-Office applications and also do HTML. Most of my machining expertise is in high speed milling of Aluminum using up to 24,000 RPM. I am also well versed in many other methods of manufacture, including use of lasers.

I am eager to take any additional training available that will expand or refine my capabilities or job performance.

Employment History

Gateway Computer Corporation
Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 15, 1999 - January 24, 2002

Position; Technical Support Professional I - (2nd shift)
Work description; Warranty fulfillment tech support. Directly interact with customers to identify the cause of there technical issues and provide prompt and proper resolution. Determine if issue is caused by customer, a hardware fault or software problem and resolve the issue in a prompt and cost effective manner. Also served as team mentor, assisting new team members get up to speed and improve skills as needed.

Quentin D. Huston & Sons
Colorado Springs, Colorado
March 24, 1988 -
January 18, 2002

Position; CNC Programmer / Laser System Programmer / Setup lead / Operator - (3rd shift)
Work description; Job planning, CNC mill setup, programming in both EIA RS-274D and conversational modes. CNC milling production. Fabrication of fixtures and dies. Design and specification of tooling. Turning operations. CNC lathe program diagnostics. Medium Q/C. Machine maintenance and repair. Prototype and general machine work. Programming of engraving by either laser or CNC Milling. Special Applications research. Documentation.

Quality Gym Equipment Co.
Burbank, California
1987 - 1988

Position; Weldor / Sheetmetal fabricator
Work description; Production welding of .062 - .25" mild steel by MIG process. Setup and production on a Strippit punch press, grinding of dies. Production shearing to tolerances of +/-.005" over 48".

Burbank, California
1984 - 1986

Position; Weldor / Manual Machinist
Work description; Production welding of 16-24 gage mild steel sheet and tube using both Oxy-Acetylene and MIG processes. TIG welding of 6061 Al. Turning of brass, steel and aluminum. Boring carburetors and other castings. Milling of cast iron. Surfacing of Al cylinder heads. Extensive blending and port work to rigid specs by industrial die grinder.

K-ABC Television I.B.C.
Hollywood, California
June through September 1984

Position; Technical Support Specialist and night crew supervisor at ABC television's International Broadcast Center.
Work description; Installation, testing and maintainence of the Facilities Ethernet network and Horizon PBX telcom systems. Daily tests of any units which had not been used in the preceeding 24 hours to guarentee all systems were functionally ready. On the spot installation, modification or bypass to provide IMMEDIATE solutions to live broadcast disruptions. Post Olympic operations included teardown and replacing of real time encoder circuit boards in Sony BVU800 series Boadcast quality Tape systems. Removal of high voltage feeds for un-interuptable power supplies. Certification of contents for broadcast equipment to be exported back to its country of origin.

P.O. American Contractors
Glendale, California
1981 - 1984
1986 - 1988

Position; Construction worker & Crew supervisor
Work description; Supervise crews of "day labor" in various aspects of construction work. Do detailed electrical installations to local codes. Handle all types of plumbing requirements including PVC, ABS, copper, and black pipe (gas). Deal with inspectors with regards to various permits and sign offs. Since this company ran multiple job sites, crew supervisor(s) were often the only people from P.O. American at the job site. The ability to direct labor while doing detail work and stay on schedule was mandatory. ( Break in employment term was due to a full day time college class load, when classes were available at night I resumed my position.)
See Addendum

High School;
Glendale Adventist Academy

Glendale, California

Glendale Community College

Glendale, California
1983 - 1988
(See addendum for specific details.)

Ben or Jody Liu (818) 898-2247
Dawn & Wally Rabello (818) 353-1208
Adam Lamb (719) 522-1399

Summary of qualifications

Completed all (available at the time) core classes in the area of machine technology, NC programming and occupational welding at Glendale Community college.
Certified Combination Weldor, June 13, 1986
18 years of hands on experience with the following equipment, 14 years as a programmer, 7 years as a computer tech.

Doall, BridgePort, Wells-Index, Web, Timesaver, Okuma, Hitachi Seiki, Hurco, Delta, Pexto, Mori Seiki, Diacro, Strippit, Miller, Linde, Airco, Hobart, Lincoln, Dake, Haas, W.F. Wells, Rockwell, LeBlond-Makino, Cincinnati, South Bend, Monarch, Milwaukee, Clausing, K.O. Lee, Harig, Yuasa, Apex, AB Lasers.

When programming I utilize macros, variables, and sub-programs to maximize speed and machines memory usage. Fixtures are designed for maximum operator access and speed of reloading without sacrificing rigidity or dimensional repeatability. I have designed custom tooling/cutters where the job required it.

Extensive electrical background and knowledge of computer hardware/software. Worked for Nighthawk Industries, a contractor/assembly line for Apple Computer building Computers. Also worked for ABC television during 1984 Olympic Games installing & testing the facility ethernet and telecommunications networks. (see below) Extensive experience with all types of SCSI & USB devices.

Any machine/control specific training will be taken to ensure proper job performance.
Have worked any combination of shifts.

Security clearance

1984 Olympic Games - Los Angeles, CA
Cleared by L.A.O.O.C.S.D as vendor of Technical Support for ABC television at the IBC, (International Broadcast Center) and to other venues with video or audio feeds.

Additional Clearances detailed upon request.

Personal Information

Gregory Alan Bentzinger
Born in Glendale, California.
Marital Status: Single
U.S. Citizen, no arrests

Hobbies include: Reading, motor sports, off road vehicles, computers & internet, photography, reloading and competitive shooting.

--Motivation: I will do anything required to learn how build my toys ( from scratch ).


Attached is a list of college courses I have taken.

Updated addresses and phone numbers:

P.O. American Contractors has been merged into another group operated by;
Alex Ovcin
7234 Zelinda Dr.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 967-2174

Quality Gym Equipment Co. Inc.
Bob Lefler, Owner
102 E. Prospect Ave
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 846-6692 Voice
(818) 846-0237 FAX

Gary Sheumake, Owner
8927 Lankershim Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA
(818) 504-6364

Quentin D. Huston & Sons
Quentin Huston, Owner
3346 N. El Paso
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 577-4117 Voice
(719) 633-1674 FAX

Gateway Computer Corporation
14303 Gateway Place
Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-848-3401
Phone: 800-846-2000

Special Services Mfg. & Engineering
Greg Bentzinger, Owner
P.O. Box 7571
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
(719) 337-8406

Glendale Community College

Machine Technology; 101, 102, 103, 104.

Advanced milling procedures; 105

Special Machine projects; 107, 108.

Tool Engineering; 109

Applied Trigonometry / NC programming; 110, 111.

NC milling run time; 112.

Advanced turning procedures; 113.

General Welding; 117, 118.

Occupational Welding; 121, 122, 123, 124.

Advanced Welding Practices; 125.
( Al & Stainless aircraft TIG. certification tests.)

Drafting; 129.

Technical Education; 146.
( Materials and Processes )

Technical Education; 150.
( Metallurgy )

Certified Combination Weldor,......June 13, 1986

Photography; 109.
( Color processing and printing )